And may the hormonal drift be with you

In Animals, Artists, Current reading, Food, Hautvoir, humeurs, Music, news coverage, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner, Wine on November 11, 2015 at 9:46 am

So. What happens in the next scene, I don’t know. What messages await on the character’s phone. Which one will grab his attention most after he’s read or listened to it. Mystère total, since the writer doesn’t have a clue yet.

On the overall scale of universal miseries, my yesterday doesn’t even deserve a blip. On the personal scale of annoyances, it rated as PA – plenty annoying. Since I live alone with my dog, the blessing consisted in sparing a spouse or other live-in person the detailed account of the sundry incidents fueling my discontent. You know, those tedious evenings when someone comes home from work, and says the predictable How Was Your Day? There follows the endless Whine of the Discontented One – “then, he calls and says he can’t make the appointment, except he knew this yesterday and never warned me, so I went all the way over to the …” etc.

One of those, it was.


Question: You are a Head of State (and may the gods be with you, but then, you asked for it, didn’t you?). Your country is a famous wine-growing one. You’re planning a reception for the Head of a State that abhors alcoholic beverages and your guest is adamant: he will not partake of a meal where wine is served. Never mind the fact no one will grab a funnel and force the man to drink his share. No wine. None. And that’s final.

Your considered reply? Your next move after that.


Story. No, sorry, I know how strong the temptation is to pick up a book by someone else and run away inside somebody else’s successful exercise. Story. Here, now in this space under this overcast sky on this day where stores are closed and streets deserted because on this day, ninety-seven years ago, the Nations stopped the four years of carnage known as World War 1.

Your almost-complete first run at a draft. And your own, very own, annoying brain to cope with.


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