(but a few scribbled notes already, if I can read what I wrote in the darkness of a movie hall)

In Animals, Artists, coffee, Film, Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts, Wine on November 5, 2015 at 8:01 am

This as a Kilroy was here. A blogpost tonight, if I don’t crash first. No, I’d better clear the decks a bit, first. Twenty-hour days accumulate a lot of impressions. And a four-hour night meant I woke to a press of dream images, too many things trying to crowd in at once. Putin was there, waiting in a car in the background while I munched on pumpkin (cooked) and a friendly type offered to pour from a bottle of fine red while telling me all about his main love interest who loves bonbons. At which point I almost pulled a Little Nemo by falling out of bed in order to take the dog out prior to rushing into this next fascinating day –  out of town with a group of social workers/therapist/and sundries such as myself on the gripping topic of Handling the Teen Suicide Crisis(Day 1). We hope to survive into Day 2 tomorrow.

The kicker last night happened around eleven forty after both films + audience discussions with the two film makers. An eager one from a community radio asked to do an interview. OK. We crowded together on the purple chairs near the snack dispenser and… roll the drums: “Maybe you could explain for our audience what all those words mean – producer, distributor…” he says to Luc Decaster. Being a friendly type, Luc obliged. I’m sure he would have preferred talking about his film Qui a tué Ali Ziri? (police brutality leading to death of detainees: you don’t need a gun to do it).

voilà for now; back to story this evening with whatever notes I’ll have scribbled during the Power Point sections of the day.


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