France 1 and France 2

In Animals, Contes d'Exil, Current reading, Hautvoir, proto drafts, Revision, Sundays, Theater, TV, Visual artists on October 25, 2015 at 8:19 am

Funny, the visit from my upstairs neighbor yesterday. Garrulous doesn’t begin to describe her verbal output and since I’d turned on the heat, I invited her into the entrance instead of adding to global warming out there ha-ha. Eyes darting everywhere and mouth wound up at top speed, she went into a total tailspin when, to the purpose of her visit, I answered: “But I don’t own a TV.”

The eyes went on darting and the mouth went on reeling them out – expressions of astonishment and dismay, this was the first time she’d ever met someone who didn’t – you don’t own one because yours broke down, or… “I don’t own one because I don’t want one.”

Oh. Because my son said (or my  son-in-law, she was really talking very fast) I should see you and find out if I’d lost France 1 and France 2 because your TV was pulling all the power from the antenna. Because no one’s lived down here for a long time, so maybe you must have heard us talking loud last night, the walls are pretty thin. (No comment but she’s right, soundproofing isn’t a major drawing card in my current living space.)

Talking real fast. One way to race ahead of whatever emotion is right there behind you, waiting for acknowledgement, one way or another.

Sunday, October 25th. We’ve done the silly fiddling to set back clock time by an hour again. Long-ago voices calling out from somewhere on a lake in Eastern Europe. Fishermen, I think. There’s carp involved.  Does this have anything to do with the current draft? I don’t think so.




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