What you see ain’t always what you get*

In Current reading, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts, Revision, Theater on October 24, 2015 at 7:02 am

the best way for me to describe this(these) blogs: space clearing. Meaning? Moving words or photos aside so I can get to the main purpose of the writing exercise.

Two books arrived yesterday: uta hagen respect for acting and Moby Dick. Started on the first last night. Didn’t laugh out loud, but almost, when she talks about the difference between what you see in the mirror and the inner world.

A prior incident in the day gave this passage personal relevance: a friend offered to drive me to the outskirts of town where all the heavy-duty shopping gets done. She used the time for quiet reading in her car while I bought supplies. At the hardware place, someone spotted me from a distance and took up his position for a drawn-out chat. There was no way to avoid him. I stopped. He yammered. I nodded and smiled. Happened to turn my head, and spotted a dumpling of an older woman nodding and smiling in that forced way people do with bores. Almost broke out laughing when I realized I was looking at my reflection in a mirror. Explained I had someone waiting in the car and scooted off as fast as I could.

Hence the title, and back to fiction + furniture painting I go.

*and vice-versa.


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