And the Echo answered : Hoo-hoo indeed?

In Animals, Current reading, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Music, news coverage, proto drafts on October 17, 2015 at 7:12 am

Save for drug-induced brawls, we don’t see all that much actual physical violence here. Evidence of violence, yes: a burnt car or – as seen this morning – the brand new bench in front of the church, splintered and destroyed. Piddly stuff compared to… let’s say Syria.

More subtle traces? On some of the children, yes. On some of the women also. The qualifier subtle being relative again to the further reaches of horrific available on every media platform imaginable.

Other traces: the sudden disappearance of the young men I call the disoccupati usually crowding the stairs down to the lower town and the café at one end of the town square. Then, the reappearance of some of them, but not others. The dragnet for drug and weapon dealers begun on Monday in Toulouse and this town isn’t over yet. It must be a rare instance indeed when all of the major players fall into the trap.

Yesterday involved scribbled notes between bouts of reading, housecleaning and talking with others about some of the realities of this town. Fiction involves a lot of compression – cropping of distractions, closer focus and accentuation of telling details and basic decisions about what the writer means to say. The characters may disagree and the readers – should they ever exist – may disagree even further. Yet, at some point, somewhere, the writer must answer the question put by the vanishing cat with the lingering grin: Who are you?

Reading from the top again? Why not.


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