Class Prep

In coffee, Current reading, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, news coverage, Poetry, proto drafts, Scene Prep on October 15, 2015 at 6:09 am

A bit of Seamus Heaney, last night. As for The Iliad, I found it where I’d left it last: in the cardboard box of current reading under my bed. An extra-small room, and current stretches out over several weeks.

the children – in story, in daily living. Last stretch today before the two-week holiday. A class of twenty-five this morning with an ambitious exercise – no idea how it will play out.

Things children say. Things grown-ups pretend not to hear, or don’t hear at all because they’re too busy with their own dramas and children don’t have real dramas in their lives. Not according to grown-ups anyway. (Hit the wrong key; grown-ups almost came out as groan-up; often true).

First morning thoughts went to the current Prime Minister in this country. First morning thought was: if ever he takes a sober look at his performance, it will come after he retires from the game. When he was a little boy, he probably dreamt of becoming President. The cost to himself and to others won’t sink in before he loses big – if it sinks in at all. “you’ve got to find out for yourself that dream is dead” (a line from one of the songs in Lindsay Anderson’s Oh Lucky Man).

On to what the title says.


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