Don’t think too much

In Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, news coverage, proto drafts on October 14, 2015 at 5:50 am

This one also shows promise as a great fun day at the follies. Why the email account denies access, even denies ever existing under that name, I don’t know. It denies my father’s name, be it first, second or third. It denies. Particularly annoying when expecting an answer on a job offer? Yes, most definitely annoying.

Nervous kids and streets of unusual quiet downtown. Must have something to do with the massive presence of gendarmes. Some major drug heist and some missing principals make for some nervous children wondering where a father or a brother may be at the moment. The matter and other related ones, discussed at length at last night’s choir practice, seeing as several of the members work in the local schools.

Dealing with things going awry, over and over again. I have all my limbs, a roof over my head and whatever hardships have come my way weren’t catastrophic. Does this make annoyance less annoying? Not in the least.

Two weeks of (unpaid) school holidays coming up = time, both of the productive writing kind and of the other type where you wonder, then wonder some more. Nothing much plays out the way you anticipate it will – except for givens such as sunrise in the East and sunset in the West. At least, this should prove true again this morning, although it was mostly starlight on the walk outside with the dog.

The title being advice to myself as in: the writing won’t go as I’d like nor will the day  play out as I might wish. Nobody’s at their best when the best laid plans don’t cut it any more than the craziest improvs do.

Don’t think too much, and don’t beat yourself over the head either.

Trois, deux, un: with luck, once more around the sun with nothing nastier than a truck full of annoyances.


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