Preface to writing something I don’t want to write

In Break - coffee, Hautvoir, Local projects, notes, photography on October 5, 2015 at 6:52 am

The feeling: the same as in my teens when I had to deliver a piece of homework to the teacher’s specs, instead of exploring the book, the poem or the author as I wanted.  Which may provide part of the why in why I get along with most kids. Doing exercises one through seven on page thirty-four isn’t much their thing either.  I’ll have to deliver the homework anyway. Ergo, rise above or go under the barrier of resistance and deliver the generalities demanded by l’Education Nationale.

Ah yes, same feeling years later as the uncomfortable time spent dragging body and mind back to the writing desk to produce a soporific stream of generalities for someone’s speech. “They” loved the speech. There wasn’t one rough angle in the whole thing. They basked in the comfort of it. I even received congrats from the man who mouthed the words.

So. While I try to get a few grandees to live up to a tiny, minute piece of the grand Overall Concept of peace, goodwill and understanding, I’ll start by another assembly of generalities with a few details thrown in to give a sense of verisimilitude.

Other recollection that crops up: a report tacked onto a university bulletin board, years ago outside a Psychology Department office. The report dealt with an experiment by a philosopher who had assembled a piece of total and absolute nonsense out of high-sounding and obscure terms delivered with suitable this-is-no-joke rigor. A variation on the Emperor has no clothes story? Yes, except for the fact no one at the conference dared raise a finger, for fear of looking the perfect fool. (Homework, girl, homework. Stop the dawdling and get to work.)

Several hundred photos in need of sorting. Tendinitis growing in intensity in the right arm (bad angle between a chair too low and a desk too high – nothing I can do about it for the time being. I stop from time to time, walk around and exercise the thumb.) Some coaching sessions I’ll have to put aside tomorrow for the run through so-called “cases” – on the chance some of the talk will lead to practical arrangements beneficial to the “cases”.

Ahem. Homework?

What else? Gratitude to someone who could write the email with some chance the elected ones would pay attention. Maybe following in her trail will bring results. Everyone’s in election mode. Everyone wants to look good. The problem, as always: you can’t please all of the people and those with a right to vote tend to occupy more mind space than the other kind.

Plus, in the fictional nether lands: the laws of unexpected and unintentional consequences at play.

But first: I said do your homework, girl.

(exit to the sound of gnashing teeth.)


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