A fall cornucopia

In Circus, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, Radio on September 25, 2015 at 10:44 am

I hope this post won’t cause problems for my mail carrier who is a pleasant and astute young man. He rang my doorbell this morning as I finished painting the woodwork in my small entrance. Held up a letter and said: “This looks like another bill addressed to a man with your surname.”

“There is no man with my surname at this address,” I said.

“I know. That’s why I’m asking you what I should do with these.”

“There is no man with my surname at this address,” I repeated.

We looked at each other. He handed me the two letters addressed to me, wished me a good day,  and left with the other.

I repeat for a third and final time: there is no man with my surname at this address. (The bill? If it’s the same one as usual, I suppose it now comes with dire warnings of bailiffs at my door. Orange must have spent some one hundred or two hundred euro already, insisting that I pay a twenty euro charge I consider I don’t owe. If I do owe and don’t pay, you may consider me in default of payment and tar me accordingly).


Colorful swirls of blooming nonsense in the news this morning. Such a cornucopia, the mind boggles. The right-wing commentators in the States, for instance, rabid with fear over a Marxist Man in White by the name of Pope Francis, presently walking their land and spewing garbage like “love one another”. What these commentators seem to have inherited from their immigrant forefathers is the notion that poverty is an ill to eradicate. From which opinion they jump to the conclusion the best way to eradicate poverty is with money to buy guns. Go figure. (Of particular poignancy, the comment about: “if we give, give, give, we’ll all be poor!” Yikes. The notion is enough to rattle grand daddy’s bones in his grave.)

There’s also the delicious family feud in France, combining father-daughter squabbles, politics and gold bullion. No, I don’t mean the Le Pen family (giving them a rest today). I refer to the present incumbent  Mayor in a rich little town by the name of Puteaux. The incumbent kept the seat warm for Papa Mayor while he dealt with a few sticky issues around influence peddling and – oh, you know – the usual hassles. Daughter took a liking to the job and didn’t hand the job back to Papa. Who got angry and denounced his daughter for – yes, influence peddling and the stocking of nifty sums of money outside the realm. The saga continues with the trans-bordering of cash and gold bullion. What’s a poor girl to do if she wants to save her ill-earned money after working so hard for it?

By a strange twist of fate, the daughter was once a close associate of one French President by the name of Nicolas Sarkozy who seems to have the worst of luck when it comes to members of his entourage. Crooks and swindlers to the last one. So hard to find good help these days.

Oops. The Friday drinking binge seems to be well under way next door.


Plus : a fascinating listen from NPR.


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