Give us this day our daily… our daily…

In Animals, Circus, Current reading, Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner on September 23, 2015 at 7:13 am

Coca-Cola, “pouring millions” into funding for health research. Must be true, I didn’t read it on The Onion but on the top-of-the-news website of The New York Times. Maybe we can expect an organic Green Label Product brand from Monsanto next. Why not? The United Nation chose the Saudi Arabian candidate as chair of its panel of distinguished experts advising the UN Human Rights Council. (These experts advise the Council on suitable candidates to head Human Rights missions around the world.)

As a special treat with breakfast this morning, I read the Islamic version of the Declaration on Human Rights. Discovered everything about human life is sacred. Full stop? Yes. There’s another full stop in the text after the affirmation that Islam is man’s “natural religion”. Ergo (you see this coming, don’t you?) any human behaviors that contradict  or question the basic tenets of Islam and/or their interpretation by the Knowledgeable Ones – yes,  you guessed it – are forbidden, and deserve the sanctions prescribed by the aforesaid KOs.

Brave new world, Miranda? Not even. Sigh.

Glum, grey, rainy morning over here that emphasizes the glum and grey values on the building that stands on a diagonal from my home. Perhaps because of other glum aspects of reality, I spent part of the evening adding color to the entrance area in my apartment. Used up the left-over apricot-toned paint on the closet doors. Doing the trim in the definite blue used in the lav. Circus posters. A colorful painting by a friend.

As for dealing blows to glummery in general: yesterday with my new pupil – an eighteen-year old from Mali who towers above me and speaks with a soft lisp – we laughed our way through his assignment on Traceability. With a background of nil prior schooling, he’s making his way through the program devised for apprentices in butchery. His assignment: to summarize in one sentence the lesson delivered by the drawing of a cow, explaining the various means by which the consumer is guaranteed a healthy steak with his frites. We made our way from the cow’s earrings (hi! my name is 4832! I belong to…) to her biometric passport, to her travel authorization, to her examination by the vet at the slaughterhouse, followed by a mandatory twelve-hour rest period prior to slaughter, butchering, etc.

Explaining why we laughed ourselves silly (but got the assignment done) would require some background information on my pupil. He’s a good kid – gigantic, but what can he do about it? If I had glad money at my disposal, I’d get him to an orthodontist so he’d feel freer to laugh out loud without covering his mouth. Hopefully, he’ll pass the final exam, make a living, and get his teeth fixed somewhere between his twentieth and twenty-fifth birthday. Hopefully too, a person in his age group will see beyond the goofy teeth.



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