In Hautvoir, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner, Sundays on September 13, 2015 at 7:32 am

Some of the characters are new. Most of them aren’t. They showed up in previous Hautvoir stories. Whether those stories ever reach a larger public or not, the characters have a past as far as the writer’s concerned.

For some, their re-appearance in story occurs some four or five years later. They weren’t necessarily present in all the stories but if they’re not to come off as wooden puppets pulled off a shelf, there’s some (lots of) time spent re-connecting. Time that won’t show up as such in story i.e. the characters won’t provide summaries of what they’ve been up to since last encountered. The reader doesn’t need all the details; the writer does.

Some of those details won’t crop up until the character speaks out in story. There’s room for surprise. If there wasn’t, I don’t know why a writer would bother writing.

Who’s asking. Who needs to know. Needs to know what. Why.

A lot has happened in those four or five years out in story land. The town and its inhabitants have gone through major upheavals. In real life, this is Sunday morning on September 13th. In story, this is Saturday, late afternoon, on September 5th. The cast, gathered? On the way? Prior to the meeting called by the Mayor, who’s doing what, where?

A fictional Saturday September 5th. A knot in time. The strands of.


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