The places where life and story part ways

In Circus, Food, Games, Hautvoir, Music, news coverage, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner, Sundays on September 6, 2015 at 7:15 am

As far as story is concerned, the question in my mind, this morning: linked stories? As in the previous venture out in fiction, where a few characters with links to one another concentrated on their own life and times. In the process, some of them revealed elements from the other characters’ influence on their own existence but I made no effort to tie a ribbon on the whole lot. I haven’t seen much evidence of life tying a neat ribbon around anything or anyone. Attention wavers. Interests vary. Commitments – hm, the word calls for a long ponder, doesn’t it. What fuels a commitment? For a single one, answers may vary from day to day.

Self-interest. How defined. The boundaries of self also vary. As for attention spans –  outside life-threatening moments or rapture-inducing events, there doesn’t seem to be much that grabs and holds the mind for long stretches of time. Some books manage that feat, if you happen to be a reader. Some writing does it too, if writing happens to be “your thing”. Music – same.

But on the whole, distraction reigns supreme. If memory serves, when first discovered, optical lenses found great success as fairground attractions, so let’s not knock the power of entertainment too hard.

Sunday. Trucks bearing food, drink, clothing and household gadgets, already gathered on the market place before seven am. Opening for business in less than an hour. Question: to load up at night and have an extra hour’s sleep in the morning, or to struggle out of bed around four thirty am, and collapse all of Sunday afternoon?

Attention spans. The notion holds mine (for the time being). As for the title: you can change a narrative and that’s about as powerful a grab and hold on reality as most of us can manage.

A moment on Sunday, September 6th 2015.


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