In Hautvoir, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner, Scene Prep on September 2, 2015 at 8:20 am

I don’t know if I’ll order the book by Arthur Goldwag The New Hate : A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right. I do know that examining some issues from a safe distance sometimes allows for a keener understanding of those same issues as they play out closer at hand. Populists live under every climate. By definition, they hew so closely to the specifics of local issues that their message always seems home-grown and aimed at the heart of this present danger to these cherished values. But the basic message is always the same and feeds off the same fuel: fear and resentment. Both emotions run deep everywhere.

Yes? So?

So you can pretend not to notice, and post inspirational messages inviting everyone to rise above. You can swear you forgive wrongdoers for they know not what they do. You can take all kinds of evasive action. What you won’t manage is to eradicate fear, anger, resentment and all those other uglies you don’t want at your party.

So? So this is the morning walk-through leading into more wordplay. This is a writer’s notebook, this writer’s notebook (among the others of the more concrete sort she uses to scribble through breakfast, or lunch, or after climbing down from a stepladder where a conversation started inside her head or words insisted on getting transferred to paper NOW.)

The rising sun and the high clouds put on a glorious display above the town this morning. On the square, knots of older school children waiting for the bus to their school in Lavaur.

The unlikeable. Sweep under the carpet? Shut out with a concrete wall? The unlikeable. Fact of life. Among others.


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