A Domestic Post

In Circus, Current reading, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, RLB trivia on August 7, 2015 at 6:12 am

On to the blue walls in the lav, next. A color marketed under the name of “Bleu audacieux”. The first few licks applied yesterday translate to: Definite Blue. The trim being something marketed as Abricot that I spiked up to Saffron. (Yes, I’ll have to repaint everything back down to dingy white when I leave but I wanted at least one space where bright colors ruled.) The ceiling is too high for me to do well so maybe I’ll turn the whole thing into a variation on Pakistani Truck Art by hanging a piece of fabric straight from the wilder offerings from the gaudy fabrics on sale at the open air market.

Between house painting and wiping off the rolling boulders of sweat, I read through Jim Harrison’s Great Leader and groused when someone interrupted the reading by ringing my doorbell. The person wanted to pick up his vacuum cleaner – this makes the purchase of one urgent business, considering the dog’s impressive output of detachable hairs. Two brushings per day aren’t enough.

Some folks wake to a bugle call. Others to a muezzin chant. Others still to an electronic attack of chattering from their bedside clock. Us folks up on the hill this morning woke at five forty am to a loud and angry rapper blaring out from a car radio down on the market place. I guess someone was waiting for the first bus out to somewhere and felt the need for company in the early morning calm. The air was cool, the moon was clear so I made coffee, watered the plants outside and wandered the neighborhood with the dog for a few minutes.

Story: slowly, slowly. None of the characters seem inclined to chatter. But painting walls always seems to leave plenty of available head space in which to catch something from one of them.


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