The long way around

In Animals, Circus, Hautvoir, proto drafts on August 6, 2015 at 6:42 am

Long, episodic dream – hero’s journey type dream at the end of which the dreamer was in an unknown town – European, by the looks of it and with Portuguese influences. Getting back to the one known place in that town (and the bicycle that had served as transportation to it) seemed unlikelier by the second. People met along the way – in other towns and circumstances – kept showing up and acknowledging the dreamer. Unknown people also, offering kisses and best wishes. Profound feeling of estrangement – not necessarily unpleasant, the dreamer wished to explore this unknown place, but unexpected – as if all previous assumptions had been wiped out and replaced with a new game and unknown rules for playing it.

The heat yesterday, like blasts of air from a clothes dryer. Even reading proved difficult. Voices in the night – real ones. Men fighting again, a constant near a cafe, it seems. The clipped, rapid-fire voice of the aggrieved one, soon echoed by responses from the butcher’s pug who did a remarkable counterpoint treatment. I doubt the aggrieved man noticed. The note of indignation in his delivery, and incipient fear, too. The other man barely spoke at all, as if the issue didn’t deserve his attention.

Open windows in the night. The tart-tongued lady across the chasm had a lot to shoot down during a long phone conversation. No need for a community phone line in order to share her side of the issue (the issue itself remaining somewhat mysterious and open to interpretation. She disagreed, that much was clear).

Early morning walk for the dog. Early morning water for the plants. Part of the dream town overlooked a train yard. Another part led out to a countryside along a dry, dusty dirt road. Below it: a large lake with underwater vegetation as lush as a summer forest.


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