Writer Dereliction of Duty

In Animals, Artists, Break - coffee, Circus, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, Theater on August 5, 2015 at 7:57 am

Just finished first translation on the presentation document for Rugissant’s next show. The company’s tour agent and I both agree the document is too long and detailed. Serious condensing being the next step.

In the meantime, characters in the proto-draft and I are at something of a standstill. You going to do something with what we’ve given you so far or not, they seem to tell me. We have to do all the work while you, the prima dona get a stand-in to do the writing? Want a self-generating writing program to do the job, huh? huh?

Nothing doing, guys. Goad and smirk, sneer and skulk around all you like. This body is about to enjoy The First Full-Body Shower in the New Home. So there. Next up: further repairs to the lav; another topic for later in the day.

Besides: why don’t you characters come up with something I want to grab and run with, huh? Huh? You think I care about your boring background stories? Huh?

etc. as the skulking and sulking, the shifting and shambling continues in the background.


I haven’t followed Amy Winehouse’s career at all, and only discovered the song Rehab was her doing while watching a two-hour documentary on her rise and fall at the local cinema last night.  Excess written large on a tiny body and a fabulous voice.  I loved the look on her face at the sight of one of her all-time idols, Tony Bennett. I loved what he had to say after she died of her various self-generated abuses.  I wanted to tell her slow down, you’re too important, he said. Life teaches you how to live, if you live long enough to let it do that.


Meanwhile, the dog and Johnny the Cat pursue their fractious relationship. They seem to love the drama it brings to their lives. Latest incident: Johnny depositing a cat’s breakfast on the walk outside.  Gift or provocation, who knows?

(Must be summer. Everybody out on Facebook seems enthralled with the animal kingdom, as long as it belongs to another species than human. I happen to find humans the most fascinating of all, but that’s just me.)



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