C’est tout ?

In Animals, Hautvoir, Local projects, Poetry, proto drafts on July 30, 2015 at 12:34 pm

Granted, a working shower will add extra points to the pleasantness. As will a secure mailbox and a few other such amenities. All furniture in place, all books stacked in their rightful place. A lick of paint to the dismal little lav upstairs. And so on. All these things, still in the planning phase. Still. This place feels more like a home to me than did my previous living arrangement. There’s nothing grand about this place. Something of the snug bug in a rug feel to it, in fact (but, so far, no trace of live critters other than my person and my dog, although she may harbor a few fleas – must see the vet soon).

While moving stacks of books this morning, I happened to open don marquis’ archy and mehitabel at random and fell upon  xviii the wail of archy. One of the characters immediately identified with these three lines:

i with the brain of a milton

fell into the mincemeat at christmas

and was damned near baked in a pie

How the character related to this fall from grace. Although, given her gender, she should relate to mehitabel the cat, no? No, there’s no hard and fast rule in the world of characters. Given the unending downturn in her fortunes from once almost-famous actress to… well, less than famous, let’s leave it at that, the character relates to archy’ wail. For anyone unfamiliar with archy and chancing upon these lines: once a vers libre poet, archy’s soul has transmigrated into the body of a cockroach. Trying times indeed, especially when it comes to activating the typewriter keys – and Kafka thought he had it rough.

C’est tout? Yes, that’s all for now. Books to sort, proto-draft to move ahead, one word at a time, plus time-outs to figure where best to stack the dishes or store the cutlery.


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