The point is…

In Animals, Collage, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, proto drafts on July 27, 2015 at 6:38 am

According to wikipedia, Portal of All Knowledge, one critic called the first part of  Miguel Gomes’ film trilogy Arabian Nights  a “frequently fascinating collage of stories”.  According to one tired body that tended to nod off through long stretches of it, that opinion gets amended to : “not frequently enough”.

A huge problem, when reality keeps washing up more fascinating stories than you can process. Sad to say but, yes, you must choose. In interviews, Gomes says that’s what he did. I’m quite happy with some twenty minutes or so of his material as a basis for a wilder, wackier and more satisfying take on the grandees from the plutocracy and their trek through the land of the rooster. The Rooster’s Tale is quite wonderful and the actress chosen for the telling, perfect. Her voice is the human equivalent of a rooster’s powerful and insistent reminder of… of… whatever, but get on with it, humanity, Right Now.

(Last night, the open window in my bedroom allowed me to discover the vocal range of someone living across the chasm where the moat – sorry, the stream – used to run and the women used to wash the winter linens and slap out resistant stains on the stones. They made resistant fibers, back then. Nothing like the whisper-thin garments on sale at the local market, these days.)

I digress? Yes. But no i.e. digressions tethered around a point. A point explored from different angles.

But what’s the point, a voice asks inside my head. You tell me, I answer.

But first, I must gather my empty cardboard boxes so a friend can drive me to the local recycling place; then, I must remember to… etc. Day Three of the new Settling In.


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