A brief one on my way to the new place

In Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, New story, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner on July 24, 2015 at 7:17 am

for the extraordinary morning light – clear sky combined with fresher air in the early hours then – ah. How could I have missed it -viewed from the back, the way the coat jacket bunches over his right shoulder, and how he leads with the right foot as if shouldering his way onward through a narrow opening. Felix was one of the main characters in the first Hautvoir story. Thanks to a man from the subsidized housing unit, walking in front of me this morning, an important feature falls into place. Apart from which, a folding chair awaits in the unlocked trunk of a new neighbors’ car. Documents, food, water, books, laptop, admin papers, garbage bags, in my trusty green shopping cart. Of course, I had to forget an all-important something pertaining to the reading on the electricity meter at the old place – required to activate the new meter. Worse case scenario: power won’t be on before this evening. allez hop for now. First order of business: clearing some of the debris around the front door. Cheers to Sanford Meisner, and other such sources of inspiration.


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