In humeurs, Local projects, proto drafts, RLB trivia on July 23, 2015 at 11:40 am

Well, I’ll be … Using the computer at Volubilo again, I type in my previous email address and… yep, still active, with a bunch of Facebook updates and a message from a man by the name of Rudolf promising to send me a check for 18 768 euro and 19 centimes in payment for two of my bills. The 19 centimes are a nice touch. You’re almost tempted to click for a quick response such as: gee Rudolf, I guess you have the wrong email address, I never billed you …uh… hm… Second read-through: I guess Rudolf has the wrong address. He also has one surprising grammatical deconstruction you don’t expect in a professional email. The active email account comes as a surprise but there seems to be a basic operational disconnect between me and computerized systems.

Something funny happens when I’m down to the final bits of sorting, culling, and packing. I get as obsessional and finicky as someone putting together a five-thousand piece reversible puzzle. Oh, the satisfaction of all the flat-head screws in one jar, and the roll of duct tape in a snug fit between the twine and the wire-mesh brush. Something like the packing and unpacking I did prior to my three-month solitary trek across Europe, years ago,  carrying nothing but an extra large bag I could throw over my shoulder. I had everything I needed, including reading and writing material, change of clothes, toiletries, plate, cup, cutlery, road food (replenished along the way, so that I ate British apples in Holland, and Dutch cheese in Germany; German sausage in Denmark, and Danish herring in Sweden. Etc.)

The characters. Still milling around. Some with names, some without. Some with names that won’t stick, something like post-its. An odd business, starting on a new one. Same as with pregnancies, I guess. They say no two are alike.

If I come over here first thing in the morning tomorrow, I may get a chance to roam around internet a bit. Unless things flow in an uncharacteristic way, I won’t get back to a connection before Sunday.

Snug. The word even looks and sounds the way things fit in the toolbox this morning.


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