“Are you kidding me?” says Hera

In Circus, Current reading, Local projects, proto drafts, Sanford Meisner on July 17, 2015 at 6:03 am

A day for staying inside in the chaos of boxes, dishes, things discarded, things still unpacked. The Tour de France will pass through town. The constabulary will get a break from car thefts, dope and domestic violence. Their main job today: keeping kiddies from getting knocked down when the horde of cyclists streams through. Kiddies (adults too) have a way of streaking across the road for a chance at the free Tour de France key rings or the free mini-saucisson that mark their I Was There experience of the event.

Plus the rising heat, of course, as a fiery red blob appears above the tree line to my right.

Story. Characters trying out their voices. Long stretches of silence. Some hemming and hawing. A man who first came on and impressed me as being in his fifties now claims he’s closer to thirty-nine. Between bouts of sorting/packing/cleaning, I read about the latest world dramas as related by various news sources or sit with my latest reading acquisition. Read the preface and the notes prior to re-discovering the quarrel between Agamemnon and Achilles about who gets to keep which of the women as part of his war bounty. Into the second Canto, my only surprise with the translation is the way Jean-Louis Backès has gods and mortals alike interject: “oh ! la ! la !” when expressing surprise or dismay. I suppose the Homeric  interjection has the same colloquial feel to it. “Oh ! la ! la !” surprises nonetheless. For instance, here is Hera speaking these words to Athena: “Oh! la ! la ! daughter of Zeus…” etc. But then, the Hellenic sacred ones are so human-like in their behavior, the treatment works, once you get used to it.

In my immediate vicinity on the table: A pack of double A batteries. A thermometer in an imitation snake-skin pouch. A pack of cards with a white on red design of an angel riding a bicycle. Pens. Notebooks. Books. String. Miro formula brass and copper cleanser. Laptop. Phone. Notes to self of things I must not forget to do for myself or for others.

Day – 7 of the change-over from one living space to another. The move itself shaping up to be an extended period of wanderings from one venue to the other.


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