Meanwhile, on another planet …

In Film, Food, Hautvoir, Local projects, Sanford Meisner, Synopsis, TV on July 14, 2015 at 7:36 am

Another mental planet, that is.

I’m grateful for the fact I don’t own a TV set. Images move on a TV screen. The movement attracts and captures the eye. Whereas with a book – unless you are in a peculiar substance-induced space – the words don’t move and your eyes must do the work. This keeps the brain active whereas TV viewing sends the brainwaves into low throb and hum.

I ate lunch at a local Tunisian’s restaurant yesterday. A pleasant man whose wife cooks well. My table faced the TV set. Hence, the observations while eating an intriguing and delicious salad of tuna, olives, cucumbers, onion and green apples. The unholy mess over Greece: expedited in a few neat clips – self-congratulatory, hurrah hurrah, followed by someone clipping a hedge and a stunning woman displaying a suspicious amount of gratification from a sniff of air freshener.

To be fair, TV viewing allowed me to  note the existence of a powerful glue, useful for sticking objects to a wall. Perhaps you need to experience French walls to appreciate the value of such a product. You may think you know where you want to hang a specific piece of artwork, but the wall knows better. In fact, the wall may well decide in mid-tapping, it won’t have anything to do with nails, and bounce the hammer back at you. Or it may collapse and reveal some of the dirty secrets of its fabrication, some two, three or four hundred years ago.

Do I wish to comment here on the French President’s singular piece of novspeak wherein he considers “the objective (to the agreement) was also to provide Greece with some hope.” Beyond noting the use of the word also, in passing, prior to refraining a need to gag over the use of other words such as solidarity? Paul Krugman says it better than I can. I’ll leave it at that for now. On the whole, I wander between sputtering with indignation and a dazed, sobering alertness to all the signals of worse things to come, hiding behind the chattering heads making pretty faces on TV.

Story is another matter. Thoughts for a synopsis, for instance. Inspired by Miguel Gomes, a Portuguese film maker, and by my regular reading of a blogger thousands of kilometers away from here. Who might wish to read my latest? With whom would I like to share it with some hope it won’t land like a lump out of the sky at someone’s garden party?

Then again, a lump out of the sky might provide a bit of novelty? “What is that in the rhododendrons, Grace?” – “I do not have the faintest idea.” – … – “As I was saying…”

Today is National Holiday Day. For some reason, the traditional fireworks went off last night in this town. In Paris, François Hollande’s guest of honor at the parade will be the Mexican President who seems fond of French military helicopters and other such paraphernalia.



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