a summer

In Current reading, Drafts, Local projects, Names and Titles, notes on July 13, 2015 at 6:01 am

The expression “mental water boarding” used in The Guardian’s reporting sums up the situation. A national leader, pushed to the outer limits of endurance while the people he represents wait to find out how much more they will have to endure. Some people still remember what the European Union was meant to achieve, but they seem to be few and far between.

Dinner with local people last night who act as foster parents. I will not share the children’s stories here. They are not zoo animals. Learning to trust and respect adult caregivers – a major issue for the children. Dealing with extremes in loss of control on the part of the children – a vital one for the adults. The house they built is on a rise above the town in a setting close to idyllic. One of the children was having a bad day. The two others were a bit better than stable – smiling, in fact, and agreeable to physical contact (including eye contact, a biggie).

Story: I’m still not clear on an over-all title for what I finished a few days ago.

Complicated times, at all levels. A mix of summer holiday and uncertainties.

In an essay I read yesterday, Daniel Mendelssohn was comparing a brief excerpt of Homer’s Illiad as translated by a number of writers.  The passage dealt with an army compared to roiling waves. I couldn’t settle on an English translation and went with a French one instead for this first read-through of the Illiad after more than forty years.

The image that comes to mind for my tiny bit in the overall pageantry these days: on the surface, more like those short waves that slap into each other at cross-currents, while the watery mass moves at a different rhythm in the deep.


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