A maze by any other name

In Artists, Drafts, Local projects, Music, Revision, Sanford Meisner on July 8, 2015 at 8:41 am

Maybe some day, I’ll hear why his parents named him Siegfried, although his friends don’t call him that. For now I know he was an active participant in the wedding festivities, and led the guest through a rousing choreography based on a Michael Jackson clip. Siegried Rouja’s his name. The bride told me about his work while we sipped beer and listened to some Schubert after rehearsal last night. (She and the groom were taking a break from the ongoing wedding party scheduled to wind down by week end.)

Rehearsals. Packing. Revisions. Some sleep, thanks to a general cooling and rain finer than the mist from a sprinkler, early this morning. Kafka-on-parade in all matters pertaining to Adminlandia, whether the dealings concern me or someone else. A civil servant asking someone to provide proof of employment, for instance, when that person isn’t entitled to a work permit. Then, explaining how to circumvent the law and get an employer to pay under the table and provide proof of employment. The universe: a forest of signs (don’t forget to check the fine print or the stuff on the other side of the page.)

Voilà. Elected officials who were supposed to sign off on a crucial piece of paper relative to my new rental chose to leave on holiday instead. At this point, I appreciate to the fullest someone’s observation to the effect that a maze is nothing but a bunch of straight lines. I visualize holding an end of the maze in each hand and pulling gently. Will I see one straight line with dangling bits swinging in the breeze, or something like the  line of dolls you get from a folded, then cut-out sheet of paper?

At any rate, between officials on holidays, and other people’s tours, rehearsals and trips, something resembling a move from this venue to another will occur somewhere between the twenty-fourth and the thirty-first day of this month.

As for story, how the four pieces will hang together and in what order, time will tell.



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