Uncertain times

In Dance, Drafts, I Ching, Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner on July 6, 2015 at 8:44 am

Not that democracy, as practiced by ancient Athenians, had much to do with all-inclusiveness. “We, the people” in those times and climes did not include strangers, slaves or women. In fact, voting citizens belonged to the class of wealthier males we now see claiming to represent the better interests of all – whether non-elected as some European Union spokesmen or elected as others who consider elected office a sort of time-limited monarchy.

Nothing new about uncertain times, except for the details. Those show infinite powers of variability. On this latest of the “days after” – remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? Remember more recent uprisings in Egypt, for instance? Or other public expressions of the people’s will. The tricky road forward when the one voice breaks down into its individual components, and you discover the comrade on your left and the companion on your right had other agendas in mind, and so did the leaders calling out the slogans.

The walk across a wavering slack line. Weight, counter-weight. Attention.

Story. Daily living. Winds of change. Periods of forced waiting while the elements reconfigure. Things to do. Things to let go of. Unexpected set-backs. Unexpected blessings.



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