over and over again

In Circus, Dance, Drafts, Fun, I Ching, Local projects, Music, Now playing in a theater near you, Revision, Sundays, Wine on July 5, 2015 at 7:07 am

well, that’s all right. Think of the www as a multi-powered connection machine that builds on the I Ching’s principle of randomness. Puzzles with no ready-made answer on the back page.  Make of the clues what you will.

America feels far away this morning. In terms of cultural references – all those unspoken clues based on shared experiences. Over here, in my tiny piece of the microcosm, July 4th meant a party celebrating the marriage of two friends.  A good-natured event featuring – among other telling details – a bridal wedding bouquet consisting of broccoli dotted with pink candy roses and surrounded by a ruffle of purple lettuce. At the reception, the bride performed in one singing group before joining the groom and the rest of us in another. Children danced (and grown-ups too) – circus acrobats put on quite a show when they hit the dance floor. I sang, danced and took many very bad photos plus one or two decent ones. The heat was so intense that my bubbly of choice was not champagne. As a wedding gift, the Mayor offered a three-pack of wine from the local coop.

Next up in my piece of microcosm: organizing (ha!) – let’s try that again: putting together some kind of plan for moving crews consisting of artists juggling touring dates and school teachers about to disappear on prolonged holidays.

Plus story, of course. Plus a Sunday snooze, at some point. ’twas a long, hot day followed by a short night. Rivulets of sweat ran throughout the whole proceedings. On the way home, the driver and I sang the trickier bits of a new number, over and over again. I can’t do without the writing, but singing comes in a close second.



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