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First, a variation on the suit and tie: current Greek leaders do without the tie, as do candidates to political office in many ad campaigns. In a recent interview the current director of the IMF wears a jacket tailored like a man’s with a tasteful scarf over a white blouse. Save when they dress the part of just-folks, most current Occidental leaders wear the dark suit, white shirt and tie denoting business-like seriousness of intent and purpose.

Since most of what we call “news” involves staged interviews and photo ops, manner of dress is anything but incidental.


Cooler air this morning. Clouds drifting toward the east – one, shaped like a horse looking back, dissolving into a bit of grayish fluff.

The order in which I read the four stories makes a huge difference. Slow taking in of this fact for the time being, in the midst of admin stuff, visits to friends, packing, etc.


The last of the South-African sculptors in residence at l’Uzine, leaving this morning after his first visit to Europe. “Europe? And you choose to visit…” – I pass on the expression used by a local resident to describe this town. Note, yet again, that the long-term residents here are the ones most given to bad-mouthing their hometown. Bizarre. As if anyone born elsewhere and settling here was a despicable idiot for appreciating a single thing about the place. Rutted streets and sidewalks? Check. Crumbling disaffected tanneries? Check. Limited public transportation options around town, and out of it? Check. Maybe the old-time residents watch too much TV  “reality” shows staged on pristine bits of beachfront with nary a sand fly to interfere with the audience’s stuporous viewing.


Costume. Mien. Attitudes.  This morning: French lesson for someone with a limited intellectual range. (Does that explain the slow pace at which I’m writing this blogpost? Maybe. Getting into character, so to speak. Repeat after me: ven-dre-di. Again: ven-dre-di. What day is this? Ven-dre-di. And so on.)


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