Exploring outside Hautvoir

In Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision on June 26, 2015 at 6:02 am

In local terms, there’s one constant, at least: if assembled together, the gifts I receive from the children at year’s end would make for a stunning collection of kitsch.

Latest in the series: a keychain and a wall clock. What else can I say but merci beaucoup to a flimsy little-girl cartoon with a key ring that won’t hold up to anything? As for the wall clock, its symbolic value to the boy, I understand and appreciate. What to do with the object: a different issue.

Voilà. End of the school year part of the exercise. A few more coaching sessions outside the main contract, and into a summer involving packing, moving out and much uncertainty as to what comes next. This country’s services aren’t designed for people who modify their living arrangements.


Story: at this point, after splitting up the material four ways, I have the makings of four inter-connected stories, each one centered on one character’s viewpoint. One of the things that fascinate me: how different the same person can be, depending on context and ongoing interactions with others. We like to think we’re always the same – perhaps we need to feel that way – but in fact, we’re not. Different people and different life situations bring out and emphasize different features in our makeup. I’ll see how far I can go in exploring this in the four stories, and discover if they re-combine or stay as four pieces in a larger puzzle.



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