“A passion of desire held captive in the clasp of vast utility”*

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some headlines are so intriguing, you hate to spoil their potential by reading the article. Case in point seen in this morning’s New York Times advising Harvard University Admissions it should be “filtering for self-importance”.  I can’t figure out if this means Harvard administrators should learn the art of self-derision, or if they should up the ante in terms of how wonderful they are when compared to other institutions of higher learning.  I’ll leave the issue unresolved in my own mind, and hold on to the expression “filtering for self-importance”. Fine-mesh filters? Large?

an email message from the choir leader yesterday: informing us our fame had spread from Vaour to Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val where our performance was the talk of the village – and, who knows, the next village over, too. “You are part of the singing group that triumphed in Vaour last night,” someone told her.

Triumphed: the sort of word that does wonders for a body’s Self-Importance Filters because it boosts both the capabilities for self-derision and legitimate pride on a fun job well done.

Other news: a fascinating collection of essays in an out-of-print book lent to me by a friend. Les mutations du Yi King, published by Albin Michel in 1994 in the Question de series. An opportunity to re-explore from a variety of perspectives – historical, analytical, intuitive, etc. Am taken by one essay in particular, at the moment: Echo 14 Les garde-fous de l’intuition – Eléments pour une méthode raisonnable d’interprétation du Yi Jing. Of course, “reasonable interpretation” and guard rails for intuition” need only apply in real life. Fiction operates under different rules.

As for real life, I Ching seems to suggest “more effort is better than less at this time”. I tend to agree which is pretty smart of me, considering I’m the one interpreting the reading. The Sunday down-time is over. This is a Monday with lots to do and two huge questions still unanswered: do I get approval from the rental agency and, if so, where do I find the money for immediate payment of the agency fees, given the Canadian government hasn’t yet dished out the year of back-payments it owes me?

I mustn’t so much think on these things as keep moving in the direction of acceptable solutions.

(Yes, and work on the revision, too.)

* How Helen Keller describes one of the New York bridges in the Library of America’s Story of the Week,  I Go Adventuring.


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