“Our lines are presently busy, please do not hold and try again later”

In Drafts, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, Revision, RLB trivia, Sanford Meisner on June 19, 2015 at 6:46 am

At one point during last night’s absurd wait for a phone connection, my friend decided to record the eleven-note dialing signal. This was prior to a musical rehearsal. We never managed to nail and reproduce the dissonance in the signal, just as the two hours failed to produce a meaningful exchange with someone who identified himself as Badge Number One Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy-five-How-May-I-Help-You?

Turned out he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, had no record of the letter sent me on May 11, nor could he figure out why the voice message had given me this Government number to call. However, he added, please give me your phone number and another Badge Number will call back within the next three business days. With a six-hour time differential and several other things to do today, Monday and Tuesday, I opted for another letter-writing bit instead.

Will this lead to a reinstatement of my pension (now cut off for close to a year)? Will this reinstatement occur before I’m cut off again for not filing an income tax document I’ve yet to receive for my measly earnings in two thousand and fourteen? I’m not holding my breath.


Meanwhile: will a few people show up for tonight’s benefit event? I’ve stopped begging and pleading since both are useless. A fascinating (if frustrating) phenomenon: the seething indignation over the sorry fate of asylum seekers, as reported in the news. Followed by vacant eyes and foot shifting when invited to do something specific for one specific local family in need of help. Meanwhile the bureaucratic worm chomps away with no dramatic photos and videos available to record its progress.


Ergo? Resist. Escape. Transform. Side-step.*

Whatever works to avoid the sandbagged effect.


A favorite moment yesterday: finding the 15 differences between two identical-looking drawings with the eleven-year old son of a man who should earn frequent user privileges for his jail attendances. The boy also wanted to work on a sudoku but that was way above the head of the other eleven-year old at the schooling session.


* In real life and in imaginary circumstances because the alternatives are too depressing.

Allez? Allez.


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