The breathing space

In Animals, Artists, coffee, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, proto drafts, Revision, Sanford Meisner on June 18, 2015 at 6:02 am


the scene in the Marx Brothers’ movie. The one where more and more people pile into a small cabin, all of them intent on doing their job. Real life feels something like that at the moment. I won’t bore myself or waste any time listing the To-Do here. This moment is a breathing hole – the sky above me slipping into early morning pink and gold sunlight, the coffee at just the right temperature, the dog back asleep and snoring in case I’ve missed the point.

On my way to many things to do yesterday evening, I stopped by the place I may soon call my seventieth-something living space. For the dog’s sake (and that of any tipsy visitor), I’ll have to keep a lot of greenery (or raise the tiny curb) so that no one backs into a slide through the brambles, followed by a thunk on the asphalt below the castle’s empty moat.

In fact, the castle is long gone but the area is still called Place du Château, and from my windows, should I live there, I could play Rapunzel, except my hair is neither long nor thick enough to serve as a ladder.

The next expedition into earlier writings in need of chiropractic adjustments: so many trails to explore, even with a compass, a traveller stands still and says: hm, let’s see. Down the Eastern hill? Up the Western one?

A stream once ran at the foot of the spot I may soon call home.

The photo has nothing to do with anything, save for the tie-in to the cluttered cabin in the Marx Brothers movie. You may believe or disbelieve: this object is a pepper grinder cum musical box. Yes, as you grind, pepper issues from the boar’s snout while a bit of Nino Rota’s music tinkles away. (While the South African visitors cast their rampaging gorillas and tiny chairs in bronze, I’ll have to visit l’Uzine again to recall which of the Fellini films has that music for its theme.)


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