Ground crews to Flights of Fancy*

In Artists, Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner on June 15, 2015 at 6:33 am

for some reason, a favorite link disappears; no direct access to Astronomy Picture of the Day; no access through Google either. Minor annoyance in a long series of computer-related glitches. If the move finally allows severing my relationship with the current service provider, so much the better.

There’s a peculiar form of mind-bending associated with the computer age. I recall, for instance, a woman I never met who became convinced I was the source of every single blog she read. I recall my own emotional melt-downs in my first dealings with internet communications. The unaccustomed connections between the real and the virtual, in the absence of a physical body to give grounding to the imaginary.

There’s plenty of real in my life, these days. More than enough, in fact. This week: a case study in obligation overload. Notwithstanding one of the first reads this morning, titled A Psychological Shipwreck by Monsieur Ambrose Pierce (courtesy of The American Library’s Story of the Week), my psychological balance stays within manageable boundaries these days.


I don’t hold huge hopes for Friday’s benefit event, in terms of attendance and funds to replenish the coffers at RESF (Réseau Education sans frontières). Legal aid and other expenses pile up quickly when legal recourses are the only way to insure some respect of rights. Unfortunately, spectacular headlines carry more weight (and distraction value) than the drudge work associated with insuring those rights, beyond banner cries and slogans. But, who knows? Maybe I’m overly pessimistic on this one. therefore, avanti.


Story: word by word by word. If anyone ever tells me different, I’ll know that, for me at least, giving shape to imaginary circumstances is a painstaking exercise – not that I could stay within manageable boundaries of sanity without it. (And, yes, I suppose there will always be some to question someone else’s interpretation of sanity should it not match up with their notions on the subject.)

* Title inspired by my leafing through the back pages of Plasticiens Volants’ book De nos rêves occupons le ciel, and noting the names and familiar faces of good buddies presently manipulating large balloon figures in Romania.


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