Muscle, sinew, impulse: a mental picture

In Current reading, Drafts, En français dans le texte, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner on June 9, 2015 at 6:15 am

the scribbles: stacked on the left side of the table.

Behind the laptop: migrants i.e. potted plants with no other base on which to sit – I’ve set aside their previous stand on the recycling side of the room.

To the right of the laptop : oy. All the rest. Admin papers, for me, for others. Dribs and drabs in need of sorting. Plus a 1913 edition of something called Lectures Historiques Histoire de la Grèce by one Paul Guiraud. Sold by Librairie Hachette et Cie. Price 5f,00. Those would be old francs. The book contains some pretty astounding statements. Monsieur Guiraud held the Christian world view in high esteem.

No matter. I came across the book while doing another bit of packing last night and read the section on religion from the perspective of one of the characters. I know how the character explains reality to herself and to others. At issue here: on what foot she chooses to propel herself into the skipping ropes. Years and years prior to the scene, she and other school friends, skipped rope in the school yard. Why this recess activity stuck in the mind of another character, I don’t know.

The double ropes held by two other girls. The sound of them slapping on the ground. The girl, moving her body to their rhythm, waiting for the impulse in her legs.

Plus, a few words from a schoolyard ditty to determine who was “It”:

trois fois passera

la dernière, la dernière

trois fois passera

la dernière y restera.

Back to Guiraud for a moment according to whom the Greeks of Homeric times stood when invoking  the sky gods, and kneeled when praying to the ones from the lower realms. However, when invoking a favor from another human, they would bow, grab the person by the knees with one hand and by the chin with the other.

I found this last bit so intriguing last night, I decided to move Guiraud’s book in with the rest of the hodgepodge on my working, writing, eating and reading table.

So, Supplicant: bow, with one hand, grab someone’s knee and with the other, his or her chin.



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