Reflections of pigeons in a wavy glass window

In Animals, Current reading, Hautvoir, Local projects, photography, Revision on June 3, 2015 at 5:41 am

the punchline in the dream was a Marx Brothers-type encounter between the dreamer and two large (meaning bigger than Siberian tigers? No, meaning as large as Siberian tigers but mottled in a pretty shade of turquoise, instead of striped in black) – yes? ah the sentence runs a bit. Between the two large felines who’d gotten inside through the small kitty entrance in the door, and the dreamer holding a conversation of sorts with the male feline. Conversation? Yes. The feline behaved something like the planet in Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris – the feline wished to communicate and modulated his feline speech on the dreamer’s comments.

This was all for the good because, when the felines had burst through the tiny kitty entrance at the bottom of the door, the dreamer had concerns about the presence of two wild cats inside a house crowded with strangers.

For greater clarity: someone (a mysterious dream someone) had told the dreamer to cook a chicken for a few friends the someone had invited over. In fact, a constant stream of visitors showed up, filling every available space in the house and passing comments on it (such as: this house isn’t attractive at all, a comment the dreamer found apt, if uncalled for).

Anyway, the case of the communicative feline provided the writer with an ah-ha moment upon waking – the ah-ha involving an unscheduled reaction from a so-called minor character. The credits may consider a character minor, but that’s because no one else paid attention to life events from his point of view.

This day shaping up as complicated so, as a diversionary trick, I’m writing this while snapping photos of what the title to this post announced.

Current reading: Catch-22 (at about the midway point). Why Heller proves relaxing at this juncture proves, yet again, that the right book often turns out to be a question of the reader’s right timing in picking it up.


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