It’s about predators

In Animals, Food, Games, Hautvoir, Revision, Sanford Meisner on May 27, 2015 at 6:29 am

Let’s start from a known and given fact : my characters are losers. No surprise: the writer happens to be a loser and who wants to read anything written by one of those. The game is about winning, they say. Winners need losers, obviously, or they couldn’t win. Eh.

The game is set up that way. Either you fight, you freeze or you flee. If you fight and you’re the weaker party, fifty to one, you’ll lose. You freeze? Don’t worry, they’ll walk all over you and complain about the bumpy ride. You flee? Well, good luck once you get wherever you’ve run to. Chances are excellent you’ll find a replay of what you ran from in the first place.

It’s about predators. It’s about power. It’s about who gets eaten and how. It’s about idiots who go on pretending it could be about other topics. Without such idiots, life would get damn boring for the predators.

So, onward most unchristian of pacifists, given you’re going to lose anyway, may as well lose as best suits you.

(The Sanford Meisner category is for that great truth about living truthfully in imaginary circumstances. The corollary is scary: if you do so in imaginary circumstances, what’s to keep you from doing it in real time, too? But that’s a brief take on the history of mankind, right there. A game. Only joking. Broke your jaw? Aw, sorry. Relax, relax, right? Right).


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