Success! Success! the boys rapped last night

In Drafts, Hautvoir, humeurs, Local projects, Music, Revision on May 23, 2015 at 7:01 am

not quite done, but almost. I may need to add a few extra layers of singing through the heartbreaks but there’s not much else I can do with the story.

At a benefit concert, last night. The children of friends and acquaintances on stage. The boys doing rap – single-focus theme on Success, Making it to the Top. The girls singing about the sun still shining through the radioactive haze. hurray hurray. (However, none of them looked anything other than convinced they had every right to be where they were with a crowd cheering them on).

Mixed emotions? Sadness, prevalent among them, this morning.  Because of the fight downtown, for one. Knowing both the aggressor and the one now in hospital is part of it. Knowing it will take something close to a miracle for me to leave this town, for another – still no news from the other town; I’ll have to start a serious search for another apartment soon. Therefore, starting this day’s climb from a place close to despondency. Familiar, familiar. The joke being how, at yesterday’s meeting, people I’d never met before in my life and who work in the judicial part of Child Protection, came over to say hi and how my attitude buoyed their spirit. Oy. Must remember that. A pity buoyant spirits require so much work – and aren’t there as a one-size-fits-all to slip into, first thing at every daybreak.

So. The story in phase-down mode. The apartment also. I walk through and ask myself: Do I really need this? I wish I could do as one of my characters does: pick up the equivalent of one carry-on, walk out and meet up with that buoyant person who cheered up the others yesterday.

She’s got to be around here somewhere. Allez, and so on.


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