On the menu: further income tax forms, bills, summons, reminders…

In A post to keep afloat, Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision on May 20, 2015 at 7:44 am

Instead of culling discarded snippets of description/dialog or what have you, a more practical-minded person would concentrate on the sorry state of disorder in her apartment – not to mention the immediate scene of disarray on the table from which she eats and works, these days. Then again, a more practical-minded person wouldn’t spend weeks, months and years producing snippets of description/dialog and writing down imaginary happenings to imaginary people, none of which have interested literary agents when submitted to their thoughtful attention.

Therefore, life proceeds as usual, and my living arrangements will never rate tasteful coverage in the Living sections of tasteful magazines. This, in itself, provides vindication of sorts. Perhaps my writing won’t do any better in publications less or more exalted. Eh.

In dreamtime, the messy state of my life and work provided the visual metaphor. The dreamer was halfway on the footpath between one of the local schools and the Community Center, trudging along from one coaching session to the next. Of course, her phone had to ring, and she had to juggle bags filled with notebooks in order to answer. A local person was on the line, talking at great length and speed about projects or meetings – all of which she threw at the dreamer with her usual complications.  The dreamer got angry, told her to get her act together and explain her needs in a brief and organized way.

This post, not terribly useful as any kind of statement to the rest of the world. A necessary exercise for putting the fingers to work before tackling the paperwork still surrounding this laptop, and the threads of story still showing cause for inclusion in the draft.

In the mess of books still left by bedside: Henry Miller’s end of the correspondence with Anaïs Nin. I open at random, here and there, to see how things fared out in Greece with the Durrells or in Hollywood with Faulkner. His massive outpourings of words provide a tonic of sorts since none of these worthies seemed particularly blessed by the gods. None of the less-than worthies of those times either? That too. This provides encouragement? All things considered, yes indeed.


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