Potato logic

In Animals, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Revision, Sanford Meisner on May 13, 2015 at 6:31 am

hard to say which of the big cats was hanging out outside – it had spots and didn’t behave in an aggressive way. At least, it followed like a puppy when I led it to the cage on the back porch. It entered quietly. Until I shut it in. Wasn’t happy about that.

I hadn’t gone out to catch a lynx or a jaguar or a snow leopard. I had opened the door to let the dog back in. How I confused a big cat on the prowl with sweet, gentle Cybèle is one of those things that happen in  dreams. Meanwhile, Cybèle lazed in the grass and had to stay there because I wasn’t sure the latch would hold on the cage. I think indignation best describes the caged animal’s state of mind.

How this vivid dream serves as road map for the next scene: a mystery for the time being.

Two encounters in the past few days with people in recent contact with curanderos who told me about their experiences. The most recent being yesterday noon – a woman I seem to run into every time she’s just had a powerful dream she asks me to interpret. Nothing complicated about “interpreting” – the person hands you all the information, and there it is: the blueprint for the next part of the trip. Blueprint or map both sound too neat and tidy compared to dream imagery but that’s because we’re not neat and tidy as a general rule.

On the topic of neat and tidy: a woman’s response to her mother’s doctor who refused to sign his name to an insurer’s request for information. Two years ago, her mother, now seventy-eight years old, was literally run over by a bus. Physical recovery is slow and her tendency toward depression, much increased. Well, the doctor said, that much could be expected. He carried on with formulaic stuff to which the woman responded with:   “Monsieur, nous sommes tous des patates!”

She explained her meaning to me thus: “There he was, talking as if everything and everyone fit into neat categories when, in fact, we’re all lumpy potatoes with bumps and ridges that don’t fit a pattern.”

At the very least, I can say she is right about the people I meet on a regular basis. Like calls to like? I’ll hear more from my fellow lumpy potatoes this week. Hopefully, the fictional characters won’t miss a thing despite the shortened time I’ll spend with them.


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