That, and that only, is the question today

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According to The New York Times “a survey of rich parents shows, on average, $63 million out of $100 million is perceived as ‘too much’ to leave a child, but $26 million is seen as too little inheritance.”  Sigh of relief: There’s one thing less I need worry about.

Of more pressing concern: lodging and working options. Everything in abeyance at the moment, save for the need to signify my intentions to my landlord, and to pack up my belongings. With no fixed idea on the whereto, this makes for some serious head-scratching. Wherever I land next, it will have to be a spot at ground level (A) and where the power bill doesn’t add a forty percent surcharge on the rent (B). And where I can make something resembling a living, obviously (C).

Thankfully, a few of the characters in my fictional world can make use of  my Whereto Now state of mind. It would be tough going for me, living truthfully in imaginary circumstances, if the characters had to angst over the proper amount of millions to bequeath without destroying their child’s personal sense of initiative. There are a few wealthier types in the cast, of course, and not much goes to waste, fiction-wise, so who knows what may come of that bit of… huh… POV?

Absurdities abound anyway; this has never been a problem. For instance, a nude actor at a gala event making a plea for better funding of the arts (among other signs of the times: some two hundred local and regional festivals have folded, leaving small companies stranded high and dry). Meanwhile, the mind-boggling debate rages on concerning a young girl expelled from school, not for nudity but for the opposite: her skirts are too long. Ergo, she is flaunting her modesty as part of her religious beliefs and we can’t have that. If memory serves, long hair and minidresses were the no-nos a few years back. Now it’s head scarves and ankle-length skirts. How much coverage is too much or too little for a human body? A question that never ceases to provide distraction from stuff like wars, famines, earthquakes, etc.

So, absurdities. However, writing-wise, the question is: which of the mind-bogglers need apply to the grab bag out of which the characters proceed on the rocky road to greater failure? Hence, the title to this post.


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