“And as numerous as stars shall be the sources of silliness disclosed unto you”*

In as you see fit, Drafts, Revision on April 17, 2015 at 9:07 am

Maybe the allergy started that summer at the Girl Guide Camp. We wore navy-blue dresses and navy-blue jersey bloomers under the dresses. The rest of our persons were open feasting grounds for mosquitos and stinging midges known locally as black flies Ah, fond remembrances of the great outdoors!

But this isn’t about the ridiculous uniform or the welt-raising powers of black flies. This is about Making Omelettes.

There were twelve of us involved in that epic production. Collective omelette making was supposed to teach us all we needed to know about the cooperative, collaborative spirit. I learned fast and quick that twelve teen-aged girls involved in cooking one huge omelette wasn’t the best way to go about it. One girl handed an egg to the next girl who passed it on the next one down the line. Until it reached the Egg Cracker (also responsible for shucking the broken egg shells). Next came the egg beater. One girl was in charge of the propane gas cooker; another handled the monstrous and battered skillet.

The Troop Leader had us sing through the whole nonsense. Part of the omelette was burnt; most of it was goop.

Why the latest Citizen Action Movement brings this to mind, I don’t know. Said Movement is called Bleu Blanc Zèbre.  Zèbre, because the movement’s instigator is a French writer whose book, titled Le Zèbre made good sales, many years ago.

In other news, I see Time has announced who we must consider the Top One Hundred Personalities of the Year. Meanwhile, France’s Minister of the Interior has decreed no one should pay attention to what newspapers write because you mustn’t believe everything you read. (I read this on an online newspaper.)

* From The Unpublished Promises God Made to One of his Many Chosen People

(We now return to our regularly-scheduled draft revisions.)

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