Summities and dummities

In Drafts, Fun, Games, Hautvoir, photography, Revision on April 16, 2015 at 10:07 am


To the list of bad ideas with zero chances of re-vitalizing a democracy, we may now add the President of the National Assembly’s notion of mandatory voting at all elections. The notion is even more ludicrous when expressed in French because the words “droit de vote” coupled with the qualifier “obligatoire” produce one of those skewing effects my thought processes dislike. The right to vote, as an obligation. No, whether in French or in English, I just can’t wrap those concepts into the same mind slot.

On a lower scale of mind jarring, but in the same category of Disconnects: the library was open all day yesterday from ten am to six pm. I didn’t budge from there, not even to eat lunch. At one point, deep into work on the draft, someone walks up to me and says “Bonjour, Madame,” in a booming voice. Totally jarred out of the process, I look up: one of the local politicos who was cruising through the stacks, considered it politic to interrupt me (and others) for a hearty handshake and booming salutation. Not smart, sir. Do you walk into the movie house and  interrupt people’s viewing for a hearty handshake and a Don’t forget me at the polling station?

But the kids are on holidays, riding their bicycles or chalking up games on the tiles below the dovecote, and I’m working on the messy draft, one sentence at a time. Must buy some food? Yes, for me and the dog. Must get some walking done? That too.



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