The Hereby Kingdom of Andorra

In Drafts, Games, Hautvoir on April 13, 2015 at 7:19 am

I’m… No, first, the source of my amazement:



Found where? On la République française’s utterly official governmental website. Prior to the Regional Elections, sending out a message to the Barons from the Noble Families of the Seven Kingdoms, inviting them to forego wasteful banquets and provide shelter for the poor…  I’m still searching for words to convey my astonishment. Have they all flipped out into lalaland? We already knew our so-called leaders take us for a bunch of dummies, no matter which political party they claim to represent. It would be nice to think the above nonsense is a good-humored acknowledgement of their own nincompoopery. I tend to doubt it. (Can I imagine the scathing and derisive comments in various chancelleries? Not to mention across the Kingdom – sorry, la République? Oh yes. Good grief, give François, King of Andorra, his fool’s cap and bauble, quick!)

However. Since my main purpose here relates to an ongoing piece of writing, I’m pleased to say one of my characters is taking due note of the drollery. Perhaps the character is reading Andrey Kurkov’s Death and the Penguin while I spend delightful moments at musical lectures given by a stutterer in Mann’s Doctor Faustus. At any rate, my character has understood some basic truths about his ill-advised foray into municipal politics. His masters upper up playing at Games of Thrones should come as no surprise. What he’ll do with the knowledge, I don’t know. He’s the character, he’ll have to decide.


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