Could be, could have been

In Uncategorized on April 10, 2015 at 6:21 am

Is this the end of my life as a blogger? Could be. For the time being, my attention isn’t on the blogging or face booking worlds. A temporary lull because of bronchitis-related fatigue? Could be.

A knot of buddy-type people on the market place yesterday. Hi-hi etc oh you don’t look well, you take care now, call if you need anything. Yes, thank you, most kind, bye-bye. C’est comme ça.

Two-week school holiday. Send out bills for my services. Get some rest. Deal with other things than other people’s misery, denials and obfuscations. See if any of the characters in the present draft hold some missing key to fresh energy.

Voilà. The sun is up and so am I. Kadima, Davaï and so on.


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