Alive and well

In Current reading, Drafts, Revision on April 1, 2015 at 7:45 am

What makes me respond? In this specific local instance: intentional bad faith. Only so much of it I’m willing to take on. Doing so puts me at risk of turning into a ranting scribbler of comments to an assortment of media postings.

But there it was, on the billboards just outside one of the local primary schools. The losing team at Sunday’s Departmental elections had put a sticker on their campaign poster saying bravo and thank you to forty-five percent of the electors – their wording. In fact, close to fifty percent of eligible voters didn’t show up. Forty-five percent of fifty percent isn’t the same as forty-five percent of one hundred percent.

Big deal? No, tiny, symptomatic deal. Treat the people like idiots, and hope they will respond in kind i.e. as decerebrated idiots ranting away to your favorite tunes.

Of course, taking on someone – anyone – for whom reasoned discourse isn’t much of an option carries risks. As I discovered on a few memorable occasions in the past. People for whom fists speak faster than words tend to rely on brute force. This is a fact, and one of the reasons why I prefer dealing with fictional idiots. But sometimes, I can’t help it.

Allez. A number of dreams to choose from – including one that involved a man and a large spider with venomous potential. After swatting the thing with his bare hand, the man looked out toward the dreamer. The look said: “I think I just did something stupid.”

Plus another dream where I walked up an incline with a good friend, in good and useful conversation. In step.

Current reading: years since I’ve read Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita. At the thought of dealing with some of the characters upcoming in story, my hand reached for the book and I started reading it again.

Outside my window this morning: Long drifts of fast moving clouds. Then the sky clears again revealing the first blue sky in many, many days.

A morning free for reading and writing.



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