The story’s natural flow

In Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, Music, Revision, Wine on March 28, 2015 at 7:51 am

Draft : at the moment, structural work, for the most part. Reading through – backward, forward, at different landing points. What belongs where in terms of dramatic action, build-up and resolution. Starting to get a sense of how the story might hang together if I let it flow in the right way – whatever that may be.

A lot of time away from this desk. A lot of complicated balancing acts. And, as a friend said yesterday, the absolute necessity of paying attention to the small pleasures when they crop up. In that specific instance, she had opened a bottle of red, so we could share a glass and some nibbles as an apéro. “Listen, I love this sound,” she said, and poured out the first drink. The gurgle – glub-glub-glub – makes her laugh. The glub-glub-glub doesn’t happen on the second pour, only on the first. I insisted she take the glass from the first pour.

Administrative double binds. A family under house arrest until the father’s deportation while appeals fly left, right and center. Under house arrest in an apartment from which the leasing agency wants the family evicted. The Court case: scheduled for Tuesday in Castres. Except the family is under strict orders not to leave this town. And so on.

Back to choir rehearsal after an overlong winter break made of flu, fatigue, hoarseness and just too much to juggle.

Rain today, again. The draft: Parts 1, 2 and 3? More or less. Adjustments to the chronology, seasonal details, verb tenses, placement of significant events.

Current reading: still Katherine Mansfield’s The Collected Stories. Still opening the book at random. Last night’s read: An Indiscreet Journey.


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