At the Court of Ludicrous

In Drafts, Hautvoir on March 27, 2015 at 7:01 am

A fact: when life takes several bounding steps ahead of its usual fare, characters in a draft tend to lag behind. I come back to the writing desk, drop in on characters A, B, X, Y, Z. Nod at some of the things they’ve said, lose interest in other aspects of their lives. The energy is elsewhere; somewhere in the fine thrum of fear real events inspire (fine as in thread, not fine as in what a fine day this is!)

Unless you’re in a war zone, the first intimations of violence don’t knock you to the ground or send any of your limbs flying away. They take the form of attitudes, aggressive questioning, verbal threats and a few well placed artifacts – tazers, guns, power tools or solid bits of scenery such as rocks or wooden implements displayed in menacing ways. Any or all of these matched up with  well-chosen words  of warning. Your choice to submit or to expect the second round of unpleasantness. After all, you didn’t cower when you were supposed to. Your bad.

In the news yesterday, among other well-selected horrors to daze and numb the minds: that fine young man imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit who once served as Monsieur Sarkozy’s ambassador to Tunisia. Border police intercepted this fine young sprig of manhood (fine as in what a fine day this is!) with a lot of undeclared currency  ( a lot as in several hundred thousand euro). Well, you see, the banking system is so rotten in Irak, there’s really no other way to do business there than to close deals in hard cash, he explains. Are we making perfect sense? Of course we are. There seems to be a lot of currency traveling around this way. None of it behaves in the ways expected in the economic model known as trickle-down.

Will the characters play catch-up soon? Hautvoir is a small, small town. Not much running and not much hiding possible in small towns. As for satchels loaded with cash, rumor has it they were common in the town’s heyday. How things fare now that the tannery buildings slide into the river?

Good question.


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