A day in the week of in-between

In Circus, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Poetry on March 24, 2015 at 6:51 am

Last Sunday, forty-nine percent of the people who had the right to vote in this town, didn’t. I assume some of them consider voting is a useless exercise; once elected, those empowered by the people do what they want for the six years of their term, so what the hell. I also assume several of those who didn’t vote saw staying away as a form of protest. I further assume some from this group will feel sublimely empowered to criticize everything that will happen henceforth and from now on. I don’t doubt some of them will add an almost gleeful “what did I tell you” when the more outrageous and unacceptable things come to pass.

The final round on this election: next Sunday.

The system isn’t what it should be? I agree. It needs a major rehaul, and it would be nice to think the rehaul will happen in an orderly fashion? One hundred percent agree. Staying away from the polling stations doesn’t belong to the major rehaul category in my opinion. As for orderly progression, let’s say I look forward to watching Power of Ten, the short film posted on the Astronomy Today website for Tuesday March 24th 2015. I once owned the book, a long time ago. Orderly progressions amid the chaos: a fascinating combo.

These comments hold true both for real life and for story purposes.


I was racing around from one urgent task to another yesterday when the character piped up and said: “You think it’s easy, mucking out those stables?” To which I answered: “You think you’re Hercules, maybe?*” To which he answered: “No and that’s precisely my point. I’m stuck with the mess, that’s all. So stop hitting on me and give me a hand, if you’re so concerned about this town.”

Ah, Hautvoir. Trying times behind you, and trying times ahead. Trying times in the present tense too.

Although the character is a character and I am me, I notice he tends to stop and admire the flowers every chance he gets, same as I do. Micro-mini vacations away from the drudge and the stupidities. The power of ten second breaks, watching the river flow under the bridge. The flowering trees reflected in the water. Basho would compose a haiku on the theme. The character and I take in the beauty. Free. No taxes yet on reflections in a stream.

Allez, etc.

*Herakles to the Greeks. Fifth in his labors: cleaning out the dung produced by one thousand head of cattle over thirty years. It takes a worried man to sing a worried song. Here’s hoping he won’t be worried long.


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