Cash and Carry

In Animals, Circus, Current reading, Hautvoir, Music, Scene Prep, Story material on March 20, 2015 at 8:39 am

These are hard times for the reasonably honest among us. I write “reasonably” because excess in anything is suspicious. And suspicion is the main topic these days. For instance, I read this morning that the next target for governmental scrutiny will be cash payments. (How about implanting a “cookie” in each coin that will trace the coin’s journey and provide the fingerprints of those who exchanged it?)

Part of the general mood : A cartoon shows several sheep staring at an election poster of a wolf with a swastika armband. One sheep says to another: “I think I’ll vote for the wolf. It will give the shepherd something to think about.” Perhaps this will bring a few people to vote at Sunday’s departmental elections. But the problem runs much deeper than who will manage to bring out the most voters. As in many other countries, we read every day about astounding levels of fraud, graft and corruption from elected officials of all persuasions. To such an extent that I hear weary comments such as: “They can’t do worse.” I suspect they can, and if elected, they will. My suspicions don’t make a whit of difference. I’m not a French citizen. I pay taxes, that I do, but I can’t vote.

Part of the problem is the blank check voting provides to whomever wins an election. For a period running anywhere between five and seven years, the elected one deals with other elected ones, except at hand-shaking and photo op occasions. The logic that prevails at council meetings or international conferences has nothing to do with the world as seen from a plain citizen’s perspective. Us plain citizens don’t understand, this is a given. Elected officials must deal with the real world  we plain citizens know nothing about. This is one of the basic arguments that lead to greater, better, deeper surveillance on plain citizens. Why? Because notwithstanding Pierre Desproges famous witticism, the enemy may well be hiding in the geranium instead of standing at our door. Or so it would seem once you enter  the murky world of suspicion where a geranium by any name whatsoever is not to be trusted.


For a change of pace from all the murky doomsday scenarios playing out there: a moment with the dog – my written equivalent to a cute-doggie moment on Facebook? So be it. At any rate, I listened to voice by voice replays of the Russian song sopkah manchuri last night -yet  another song claiming that these brothers in arm shall live on forever and never be forgotten. The music is the thing though, because my dog’s vocabulary does not extend to Russian, especially of the garbled kind. But the melodic line? Transports her to a state of being in which she attempts to crawl into my armpit, licks my hands, lays her head on my lap, and carries on like this for as long as the music lasts. After which she collapses to the floor and sleeps with snores and yelps suggestive of attempts to repeat the experience out in dreamland.

Current reading: I’m still in The Winter’s Tale. The structure of the tale like a triptych. The tale itself owing so much to the characters found in fairy tales.

Story Material and Scene Prep as categories for this blogpost because everything seems to serve as such at the moment.


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