Another Sunday

In Animals, Circus, Drafts, Hautvoir, photography, Querying, Sundays, Synopsis on March 15, 2015 at 8:18 am

All right. After a brief tour of various news and opinion sources, back to here. Topping the slanted pile on my right: faded photocopies of a storyboard done by someone who abandoned her project a few years back. The story as such doesn’t interest me but some of the drawings fit the mood for one of the children in a messy, messy draft. These few years later, the copies are so faded, I must run over the lines with a sanguine pencil.

A problem, combining query work on one story while feeling the pull back to another. Attention wavers. Too many signals.


Two excellent moments away from the messy, messy desk yesterday. The first, on my way to grocery shopping, to a friend’s new studio and shop. A long pause in the typing, here. Something like the pause in front of a photo he had just printed out on a huge device that uses inks guaranteed against fading for one hundred years.  On paper suitable for that kind of work. He offered me another photo on long-term loan because it inspired as “my” book cover for Hautvoir stories. “My” book covers being amateurish mock-ups I pull together for my own benefit in the world of as-if.

The second moment, inside a small circus tent with an even smaller ring. Seating capacity: one hundred and thirty. Two principals, one dog, and a cast of automatons. Juggling and mime of the highest order. This afternoon, I’m going back to see Laurent, Elsa and Sokha again in Bêtes de Foire. From a seat on the other side of the tent.


Plus culling, culling and more culling through things accumulated inside this apartment.


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