In Local projects, Names and Titles, Querying, Sundays on March 8, 2015 at 9:12 am

Story: I’ve decided to stick to my working title, for the time being. The synopsis feels as done as it will get. The real question now: which agencies to query where this story stands the best chances of a positive reception. A matter requiring close attention to other issues than the agency’s overall “look” as a website and as much sensitivity as possible to a specific agent’s client list, experience and track record.

Reading through the manuscript, I’m struck for the first time by something that should have been obvious while I wrote, but wasn’t: the prevailing, almost overwhelming, influence of my immediate surroundings in shaping the slant of fictional events occurring to fictional people. I look forward to writing or revising something else from a different perspective.

As usual after an intense bout of writing, the next step in real life involves culling, sorting and disposing of accumulated materials no longer useful – magazines, municipal bulletins, old drafts with no further value, and so on.

Spring weather, clear skies. Major questions looming both at the personal and at the community level. But for the first time in many, many months, the sense of an opening or, at least, of a widening in what have been extremely limited options available to me here.


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